Oracle Information

Introduction, Installation, and PL/SQL Information

Introduction to Oracle SQL & PL/SQL

Quick Tips for Oracle and UNIX
Oracle PL/SQL Basics (External)
Oracle Programming/SQL Cheatsheet (External)
PL/SQL Functions
Initialization Parameters LINK1  and LINK2
Analytic Functions
WITH Clause
Oracle Silent Installation (External Link) All About Joins and ANSI 99 Joins

Explicit Cursors

Advanced_Cursors - Cursors for Loop - Ref Cursors - Bulk Collection


Composite Datatypes

Native Dynamic SQL Directory Listing with SQL and JAVA
Advanced PL/SQL (Collections and BULK operations) New Features of Oracle 8i
Exercises to Practice with Collections New Features of Oracle 9i
Bind Variables

10g Specific Docs

New Features of Oracle 10g
Flash Recovery Area
Tuning 10g on Linux using ASM
New Features for Logical Standby
Upgrade from to Install 10g Instant Client (External)
RMAN 10g New Features Auditing in 10g
Migrating NON-ASM to ASM Regular Expressions cheat_sheet(pdf)
10g Top New Features for DBAs by Arup Nanda (External) Oracle 10g Articles (Oracle Base, External)
How to Build a Grid Control Environment (External) How to Install and Deinstall DBconsole (External)

11g Specific Docs
Oracle 11g New Features
Managing Trace and Alert Files - ADRCI Command Automatic Memory Management (AMM)
Oracle Data Guard Oracle - validated Package - easy Linux Installation
Oracle 11g Articles: Installation, Features (Oracle Base, External) 11g New Features by Bureleson (External)
Snapshot Standby DB 11g 11g New Features by Virag Sharma (External)
Installing 11g on Windows (External) Oracle Flashback Data Archive (Total Recall)
Oracle 11gR2 on Windows 7 (External) OEM 12c Release 3 Installation on Oracle Linux 5.9 and 6.4 (External)
Clone with 11g RMAN and Active Database Command
Standby Physical Standby 11g2 (External) Uninstall Oracle 11g from Windows

Unix Specific Docs

Oracle-validated RPM, simplify install of Oracle Oracle / Linux Installation Matrix (External)
Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 Installation Installing Cygwin and X Windows System
Oracle 11gr2 Patch 3 Full Installation Process Install and Configure Oracle 11g on Linux
OraToolKit Install Docs on Unix Systems (External, VERY GOOD) Uninstalling Oracle on Unix
Unix Commands for DBAs The One Page Linux Manual (pdf)
Writing_Unix_Scripts and Bash Shell Linux Admin Quick Reference (pdf)

VI Quick Reference

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Manuals (External)
Unix Command Translator
Unix porting Commands (External)
Linux Quick Reference Note 341782.1
Linux Benchmark (Secuity_over_Linux, pdf)

Backup & Recovery / RMAN

Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Manage RMAN Repository
Clone with RMAN and Active Database Command (11g) Recovery Procedure (Graphical)
COMPLETE Guide for Recovery Procedures and Scenarios Recover DB with Missing Arch Redo Logs
Clone a Database from Hot or Cold Backup (without RMAN)
RMAN Demos for 10.2
RMAN Duplicate Database  (10g)

Standby or Data Guard

**** High Availability Solutions*****

Standby DB: Concepts and Manual Creation Standby Physical Standby 11g2 (External)
Configuring Data Guard with DG Broker
Using RMAN 11g to Create a Logical Standby
Snapshot Standby DB 11g Oracle Active Data Guard
Synchronize a Gap On Arch Log Files on the Standby DB Oracle 10g Data Guard Summary Sheets v2.0 (pdf)
Data Guard Fast Start Failover Implementation (pdf)
Data Guard Fast Start Failover and Switchover Configuration (pdf)
Graceful Failover and Failback on Manual (non-automatic) Data Guard DB's
Information and Commands (external)
Create Manual (non-automatic) Standby DB Activate Manual (non-automatic) Standby
Oracle Data Guard Docs (External with Cases, Demonstration, Best Practices) Standby Missing Archivelog Files


Oracle Internal Architecture - SGA and Background Process explained

Arquitectura Interna de Oracle (Spanish - pdf)

Oracle Architecture and Administration CheckPoint Tuning and Redo Logs

Memory Configuration and Use

Multiple Buffers Pools
Shared Pool Management
Tune Redo Log Buffer
All about Statistics
Performance Tuning (pdf)

TUNING (install, tune, analyze, UNDO, hints)

Tips for effective queries (Driving Table, CBO and EXPLAIN PLAN)

Statspack: Configuration
Analyzing an AWR Report All about Wait Events
More information on Waits
All about LATCHES

Table Fragmentation (External)

SQLTrace and TKProf

Managing Tablespaces, Datafiles and Oracle Files

Retrieving the Top-N rows


Transportable Tablespaces

Optimize your Network Configuration Using DBMS_Profiler
Oracle Performance Diagnostic Guide (External ML Note: 390374.1
All about Triggers and Event Attributes

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM and GRID)
Oracle Enterprise Manager / Grid Basis OEM_11g_Grid_Control_Installation
OEM Reinstall: Change Hostname / IP Address OEM 11g Grid Install on Linux (pdf)
OEM Quick Commands
OEM Define Email Alerts 

Oracle and Virtual Environments
Virtualization Suggestions Oracle VM (External)


RAC Basic Information

Installing RAC on Virtual Machines (External) RAC 11g Install - Step by Step (External) Very good.
RAC Filesystem Options Quick RAC Commands
RAC for Beginners (pdf) RAC Design and Best Practices (pdf)
RAC 10g on Vmware - Step by Step RAC Links and ML Notes
Oracle 11g RAC Survival Guide (External) RAC 11g on Vmware - Step by Step (pdf)

Step by Step 3 node RAC on Linux (pdf File)


Oracle Replication Survival Guide (External)
Resolving Replication Problems
Replication: Creation in 8i and Tune (doc version) Replication: Creation in 8i (txt version)

Encirq Replication Environment

Windows Specific Docs

Managing Oracle on Windows Windows Backup Scripts

Assorted Docs

Create AWR and ADDM Reports and e-mail them All about DBMS_Jobs and Intervals
All about Partitions

All about Oracle Scheduler

Effective Coding Style, Naming Standards and Architectural Tips

Oracle Configuration Standards

Applying Patches to Oracle (Opatch) Secure your database
Create Sample Schemas Encrypt_Data_and_Code

Materialized Views

Vistas Materializadas (Spanish)

Parallel Query Tuning Parallel Execution


XML A How-TO Guide for PL/SQL users (pdf)



All about UTL_FILE Package RAID Configuration

Multi-Threaded Server Overview (MTS) or Shared Server

All about Indexes

SQL Loader

Loading Data Faster: Testing different Options

Oracle Locking Survival Guide (External)
Send Mail Through Oracle
SQL Injection Walkthrough
SQL Injection Example
Oracle Limitations Autonomus Transactions
Using Comma Separated Lists with DBMS_UTILITY
Date and Times in Oracle
Understanding Oracle License Policy (External) Introduccion a Oracle (Spanish)
TOAD Quick Guide TOAD Hidden Performance Secrets (pdf)
TOAD for App Designer (pdf)
TOAD Team Coding (doc)
TOAD for Data Analysts (pdf)
TOAD 11.5 Functional Matrix Product (pdf)
DataPump or Data Pump
Multi Table Insert and Merge

Documentation from Oracle's Web Site

Oracle 10g Official Documentation Site
Oracle Master Notes
Oracle 11gR2 Official Documentation Site
Oracle 12c Editions
Oracle 12c Official Documentation Site
Oracle 12c Starting Page
Oracle 12c DB High Availability papers (RMAN, Data Guard, RAC, etc)
Oracle by Example Series Oracle 11g Product Family (pdf)

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